About Us

In October of 2017 we found ourselves without anytime to shop for clothes as our 8 kids had become involved in so many activities. Both of us were choosing to shop online more and more and so the Legacy Eight idea was born and launched shortly after. Leah has always enjoyed following styles and trends in fashion, Jess loves a great business adventure and we adore each other so it was a perfect match!

We came up with the name Legacy Eight because there is just one thing that drives us day after day and that is leaving a legacy of a love for Jesus and family to our 8 children. They are why we are doing what we're doing!

After a very successful start, we started discussing how we could help others through Legacy Eight. Our Affiliate program was born out of the desire to help others and be more efficient for our families as well. We hope that we can help other families enjoy life more with the extra income being an affiliate can provide them. Whether your dream is to just take a family vacation, help pay the bills or make enough money to stay home full time, we believe that being a part of our team can help you realize those dreams and we want to help you achieve them!

We are super excited to share unique items at great prices and outstanding customer service with all of you!